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2nd sata-sata HDD caddy
Model No.: 95SS-A

2nd hdd caddy for apple (replacement apple sata interface 9.5 odd)


HDD support:2.5-inch notebook hard drive with SATA or SATA2           
Features:High quality stainless steel, difficult deformation, not easy damaged, high-quality PCB board, fast speed and stability transmission 
Mainly compatible: New models of Apple Macbook / MACBOOK PRO466/470/985/991/990and the latest 371  373  374 and almost all the models after 466. 
Universal 9.5mm hard drive bracket for Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro gives you maximum flexibile storage,and makes you to add a second Apple Series
hard drive into the SATA supported HDD bracket. Add a second hard drive to the drive position,you will be able to backup application programs and datas and then get a higher storage expansion.