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120w multi function power charger
Model No.:


Product Feature:

1. Supply power for laptop computers and LCD television and other equipment;

2. Charge or supply power for MP3, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other related device with standard USB output;

3. LED screen displays the voltage

4. 7 exchangeable DC connectors for more than 100 models of laptops and LCD televisions;

5. Worldwide use with input between 100-240V;

6. With advanced MCU micro-computer chip control, humanity design makes the operation much easier. No fiddly switch, just plug and go.

7. 100,000 level of anti-static design, high temperature and fire-proof crust makes it safe;

8. Passed MTBF 5000H test and own its patent with more reliable quality warranty;

9. Safety protection:Over temperature protection reaches at 85℃, Over voltage protection reaches at 26V, Over current protection reaches at 6.10A, and have Short circuit protection & Charging time protection.


Product Specification:

Input: AC 100-240V~ 2A 50-60Hz

Output: ADAPTOR: DC 15-20V 6A (MAX) 120W

USB: DC 5V 1A (MAX) 5W


Product Components:

1. Main body of ac adaptor

2. 7 connector:HG1---HG7.

3. Charging cables for mobile phone, MP3, bluetooth and other digital products (optional)

4. USB cable (optional)